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Frequently asked questions

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The Machinerycash concept

Machinerycash is a marketplace that establishes links between dealers, distributors, rental companies and traders who want to sell or buy used construction and civil engineering equipment on the basis of direct offers or underwritings.

Machinerycash also provides free valuations of the market value of used machinery (argus) within 24 hours.

Machinerycash is the quick and easy solution for safely getting valuations and receiving direct offers online or a underwriting quote for used construction machinery.
We're a team of enthusiastic professionals with over 10 years of experience and expertise in new and used civil engineering and construction equipment.

Machinerycash is a reliable and independent brand that meets the expectations of its customers with one single mission in view: Saving you time and money on purchases and sales of used equipment. We are convinced that our customer relationship must be built based on the long term. As an intermediary, we only deal with professionals in the business.
We deal with most brands of second-hand public works and civil engineering machines and we specialise in earthmoving, handling and lifting (wheeled excavators, mini excavators, crawler excavators, articulated loaders, compact loaders, telescopic handlers, trackers, backhoe loaders, dump trucks and tractors).

We are mainly established in France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Benelux.
As with auctions at Ritchie Bros, Equippo, Troostwijk, Mercier ou Euroauctions, Machinerycash offers traders direct offers for take-back of immediately available equipment. Nevertheless, Machinerycash mainly specialises in underwritings for used equipment which will only be available in several months, and this is for the sole benefit of dealers who have sold new equipment and are waiting for it to be delivered to take back the old machine and resell it.

We work by tender and enter multiple traders, selected for their seriousness and good financial health, in competition with each other.

Unlike auctions therefore, we don't give our traders any guarantee that the equipment put up for tender will be sold to them thereafter. The dealers and rental companies remain free to sell the equipment depending on the offers given them by our traders. As well as this, we do not incur any costs for the equipment sellers, the sale is completely free and the commission will always be fully paid by the buyer.
Yes, if the machine is sold with the accessories, this will be specified on the spec sheet. The accessories aren't sold separately on our site.
We usually send our price valuation within 24 hours.

For direct offers and underwritings, we guarantee our dealers and lessors that their machine will be given a valuation as soon as possible, in the vast majority of cases within 48 hours.

Dealers and lessors have access to an online dashboard that allows them to track the development of their equipment's call for tenders during this 48-hour period.
For dealers or rental companies who want to get a valuation for their earthmoving and handling machines, Machinerycash offers an additional service for free valuation of their equipment.
Unlike existing platforms (like the French National Construction Federation platform) or classified ad sites (like Mascus or Machineryzone), our valuation doesn't come from an algorithm but from professionals in the second-hand trade, and that's the reason why we need 24 hours maximum to give your machine a valuation.
On our 10 years of expertise in the purchase and sale of second-hand machines, on a reliable database, as well as on the constant presence of our evaluators in the used equipment market.
After sending the form, our team of experts will examine the photos received and establish the take-back price valuation for your machine.
Direct offers allow you to simply and directly sell your machine on our platform. The machine needs to be available immediately. For direct offers, you can make a suggested sales price.

For underwritings, traders commit to buying your customer's machine at a certain price and within a certain timeframe. This means you can wait for the new machine in production to arrive and you can take back and resell your customer's used machine just at the time when you need to pay for the new one. This means your customer won't therefore suffer from unavailable equipment.
To ensure that our traders have the minimum amount of information they need to underwrite your machine, we ask you to fill in a short spec sheet with some photos for assessing the overall condition of the machine.

Always be honest during the technical evaluation of the machine, because, as is specified in our general terms and conditions, traders can always send the machine back to the seller in cases of non-compliance.
There's no maximum number of machines per day. You can post as many as you want.
We evaluate machines one by one in order to guarantee the best price for each of them and to ascertain their quality. We don't offer job lot sales.
Our web app, which is available on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) allows you to post any used construction equipment online by following simple stages for selling your machine at the best price while saving yourself time.

You can also use it to automatically send photos of the equipment as well as filling out the machine's spec sheet quickly and easily on-site.
The service is completely free for sellers, dealers and lessors.
We authorise payment by direct bank transfer between sellers and buyers.
You have a status allowing you to proceed to direct bank transfer payments. Machinerycash can not guarantee refunds of this sum in the event of fraud or non-compliance of the purchased machine.
No, once the offer is accepted, you can no longer go back on it except in the event of force majeure.

In the event of force majeure, (theft, fire, or total or partial destruction of the machine), you can send a claim to the email address or via the claims manager built into our website.

We will answer you as soon as possible, but please be aware that an accepted offer legally commits you to the trader.
If the waiting time is abnormally long, don't hesitate to send us an email at to resolve the situation.


In order to certify the actual state of the used machine for sale. The buyer can thus evaluate the technical risks from purchasing this machine. This is the reason the spec sheet must be filled in with complete honesty.

In the event where the machine doesn't match the spec sheet, the buyer may decide to start a litigation procedure.
No, Machinerycash provides a link between the seller and the buyer and only acts as an intermediary. We are in no way responsible for the machine working properly. If the machine doesn't match the spec sheet, the buyer may decide to start a litigation in the claims manager.
Yes, but we'll help you through the process of filling in the online spec sheet to make the task of technical inspection easier.
No, you can't inspect it before making your offer. The price you suggest is based on the photos. The machine is inspected once it's delivered to your dealership. The risk must be included in your price offer.


Each offer mentions the region and the country the machine comes from so it's easier to locate it and estimate the logistics costs as accurately as possible.
At this point in time, we aren't handling logistics yet. We probably will offer this service in the near future.


Send your application to and we'll evaluate your request.

We wish to make it clear however that we only recruit traders on the basis of their financial capabilities, reputation and professionalism. Not all traders are necessarily admitted onto our platform.
We restrict construction professionals' access to certain features. The trading platform is reserved for dealers, distributors, lessors and traders only.
Partial activation allows you to post machines on the platform.

Full activation, which requires some additional administrative documents, allows you simply to finalise accepted transactions.
You can contact us by email at the address We usually answer emails within 24 hours. We would like to remind you though that there is a dispute manager available via your user dashboard.


Yes, we have set up a grading and evaluation system which allows you to get an idea of your contact person's rating.
You can see your contact person's rating via the number of stars and status they have.
Yes, in certain cases your professional details may be used for commercial or marketing purposes. You can check our privacy policy about information and cookie use.

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