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Become a trader

With thousands of machines constantly being posted by our network of lessors and multi-brand dealers, Machinerycash is an excellent means of finding second-hand construction and public works machines at a reasonable price.

We never work with end customers, only with dealers or rental companies who post machines recurrently on our site and that we know personally for the vast majority of them.

Dealers who work with us today :

  • A2F Rhone Alpes
  • Acierinox Materiels
  • Adare Machinery
  • Agriforce
  • Altodis TP
  • AMS Bobcat Ltd
  • AT Optimat 63
  • Balgownie Ltd
  • Bergerat
  • Bobcat Bensheim GmbH
  • Border Bobcat
  • Butler Reynolds Ltd
  • Centrocar
  • CNHI
  • corsamat
  • Depann'TP
  • Ets Laffont
  • Genie Route
  • Interparts NV
  • Inter-Pelles
  • Ircat
  • Kono
  • Lloyd LTD
  • Mach10
  • Manuco Services
  • Martin SARL
  • MTS Group
  • Murley construction equipment
  • Petitjean sas
  • SICA Artois Ternois
  • Sivemat
  • Sofranel
  • Thierart agri
  • Tipmat
  • Vangaever N.V.
  • Willowbrook Plant Services Ltd
  • Yanmar
Save time !
Save time !

As a trader, the Machinerycash platform makes it easy for you to find used construction equipment without having to move around. You only select the types of equipment that interest you on the platform so that you can just focus on your core business.

You only quote for machines that are available in the next 3 months, based on photos and a simplified spec sheet. As no prior knowledge or inspection of the equipment is possible, this risk factor needs to be taken into account in your price commitment. In the event where the machine doesn't match the spec sheet, Machinerycash has a well-established litigation procedure to help you avoid any issues.
Save money
Save money

Why trawl around the roads of Europe to your buyers or traders to find good quality used equipment: With a finalisation rate of 20% on compact equipment, that's what our platform is made for!

Once the sale is concluded, you can arrange transport of the machine with the seller and your usual courier. The billing and payment for the transaction are concluded directly between the buyer and the seller of the machine. The platform doesn't affect the transaction's total sum and invoices its traders' brokerage services separately.

The sum of the commission to be paid if the sale is successful is 5% (600€ min and 5000€ max) per machine excluding VAT, whatever the machine's price. This sum is billed to you at the end of the month.
  • Buyer rates
    Brokerage service to traders

    (600€ min and 5000€ max)
    per machine excl. VAT
    • You only pay commission if the sale is finalised
    • Always the same price for all machine types whatever the price
    • Commission billed separately from machine invoice
    • You're free to quit the Machinerycash platform whenever you want *
  • (*) Subject to meeting the take-back commitments previously made
    See our general terms and conditions for traders

We are looking for long-term partners

We are primarily looking for merchants and traders who want to develop a long-term partnership with Machinerycash and its customers.

We consider Machinerycash as an exclusive club where the trust between buyer and seller is paramount.

Machinerycash only accepts traders on its platform who have sufficient financial means to commit to equipment take-backs over several months. After visiting your company, you'll be able to sign a partnership agreement with Machinerycash.

Please contact us by phone on +32 498 86 07 78 to become one of our certified traders.

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